Eau Claire County Bar Association

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Over a century ago, the Eau Claire County Bar Association was established to serve the legal community working in Eau Claire County. The bar association continues to provide support to the lawyers of Eau Claire County by focusing on its goals of fostering connections among its members, encouraging law reform where necessary, educating the public about the judicial system and the legal profession, helping maintain the county’s law library, and improving the local legal practice. Although attorneys practicing in Eau Claire County are more likely to benefit from the Eau Claire County Bar Association’s efforts, membership is open to anyone that is licensed to practice in Wisconsin.

The Eau Claire County Bar Association strives to be beneficial to its members in a number of different ways. Each year, the association provides its members an opportunity to interact with the local judiciary at its “View from the Bench” event. Members are also given a chance to network with one another at various social events throughout the year, such as the Spring Banquet and the August Golf Outing. Attorneys that belong to the Eau Claire County Bar Association can advertise their legal practices for free in the online member directory, which is conveniently organized by practice area.

Beyond providing aid to its members, the Eau Claire County Bar Association also reaches out to the local residents of the county. People that need free legal advice can consult with a volunteer lawyer at the monthly free legal clinic operated by the bar association. The website for the Eau Claire County Bar Association contains a plethora of useful information for those interested in acting without independent legal counsel, including a description of the divorce legal process in Wisconsin, a pro se informational brochure, and several different legal forms.

Contact the Eau Claire County Bar Association:

3410 Oakwood Mall Drive
Eau Claire, WI 54702-1457

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