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Founded in 1858, the Milwaukee Bar Association (MBA) strives to be beneficial to both those working in Milwaukee County’s legal profession and to the general public. Only attorneys licensed to practice in Wisconsin, law students, and judges that work in Milwaukee County may become regular members. However, the MBA also permits lawyers that work in neighboring counties to join as affiliates.

Attorneys frequently join the Milwaukee Bar Association for the many perks that come with their membership. Lawyers belonging to the MBA can expand their practice by getting new clients through its lawyer referral program. Members of the Milwaukee Bar Association are able to connect with others practicing in their same legal field by joining one of its many legal practice sections. The MBA has an online career center for its members in order to help them obtain a new job or a new employee.

The Milwaukee Bar Association also hosts several events for its members throughout the year. Every year, the MBA arranges more than 100 opportunities for its members to attend continuing legal education courses. Attorneys belonging to the Milwaukee Bar Association have a chance to network with one another at the annual meeting.

People living in Milwaukee County also benefit from the MBA. On its website, the Milwaukee Bar Association has an extensive list of local pro bono programs that provide free legal help to the county’s residents. The MBA also provides legal help to those that do not qualify for traditional legal aid programs through its Justice Center Project.

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424 East Wells Street Milwaukee, WI 53202 414-274-6760

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