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Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association

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Formed in 1981, the Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association (MYLA) was created to benefit new attorneys working in the greater Milwaukee area. Since the MYLA focuses on providing support to those new to the legal profession, only lawyers that have been licensed to practice law in Wisconsin for less than five years or are younger than 38 years old may join as a full member. The Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association does allow law students and more experienced lawyers to become student and patron members, respectively.

One major focus of the MYLA is improving the local community. Members of the Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association often volunteer at numerous pro bono legal clinics as part of the MYLA’s Law Day public outreach. The Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association also helps out various charities throughout the year in a non-legal capacity through programs such as its yearly pumpkin patch for disadvantaged children.

Another important aspect of the MYLA is advancing its members professionally. The Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association holds bi-monthly social events, such as happy hours and the annual meeting, to allow members to network with one another. Additionally, attorneys belonging to the MYLA have numerous chances to network with other legal professionals at events designed to include other members of the local legal community, such as the annual Judges’ Night.

Contact the Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association:

1000 N Water Street, Suite 1700
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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