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Racine County Bar Association

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Initially founded in 1875, the Racine County Bar Association (RCBA) strives to promote communication among its members, improve the practice of law in Racine County, and enhance the administration of justice. The RCBA is also dedicated to informing the general public about the legal profession and judicial system. A significant way that the Racine County Bar Association educates local residents about the legal system is by staging mock trails in school classrooms on Law Day.

The most important goal of the RCBA is to enhance the professional lives of its members. Attorneys that belong to the Racine County Bar Association can get up to seven free continuing legal education credits by attending educational courses hosted by the bar association. Additionally, the RCBA holds several free events for its members throughout the year, such as an annual picnic and dinners at local restaurants.

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Racine, WI 53401

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