Wisconsin Asian Bar Association

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Created in 2003, the Wisconsin Asian Bar Association (WABA) is focused on supporting both the Asian community of Wisconsin and the Asian-American lawyers working in the state. WABA strives to promote the interests of Asian Americans in the legal profession, further civil equality for all people, and foster communication between the legal community and the general public in Wisconsin. Membership is open to all that want to help the Wisconsin Asian Bar Association achieve their goals.

There are several ways that WABA reaches out to local Asian residents. Members of the Wisconsin Asian Bar Association frequently volunteer at a bilingual legal clinic that was started by lawyers that are active in the WABA. The Wisconsin Asian Bar Association also frequently hosts networking mixers to help local Asian American law students connect with lawyers working in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Asian Bar Association membership provides attorneys with many different benefits. Throughout the year, the WABA puts together several social events, such as the annual Pancake and Packer Party, at which lawyers belonging to the Wisconsin Asian Bar Association are able to network with one another. The WABA helps its members find employment by regularly posting job openings on its Facebook page.

Contact the Wisconsin Asian Bar Association:

Madison, WI 53703

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