Wisconsin Association of Justice

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Established in 1957 by a group of seven trial lawyers, the Wisconsin Association of Justice (WAJ) is Wisconsin’s state chapter of the National Association of Claimants’ Compensation Attorneys. The main focus of the WAJ is to ensure all people in Wisconsin have access to the judicial system. A significant way that the Wisconsin Association for Justice ensures that the judicial system in Wisconsin is accessible to all residents is by reaching out to all trial lawyers in Wisconsin and encouraging them to become members.

There are numerous ways in which the WAJ assists its members in their professional lives. For attorneys belonging to the Wisconsin Association for Justice that are struggling with a difficult case, they can have their case evaluated by a group of fellow lawyers through the WAJ’s case evaluation clinic. Members of the Wisconsin Association for Justice needing some legal research done that they don’t have time to do are able to receive help from the WAJ research team in performing this research.

The Wisconsin Association for Justice also host several events for its members throughout the year. Several sections of the WAJ regularly host meetings to allow members practicing in certain legal fields to connect with one another in person. Each year, the Wisconsin Association for Justice provides its members with many chances to attend continuing legal education courses and obtain corresponding credits.

In addition to providing its members with several tools to enhance their practices, the WAJ also strives to help the public of Wisconsin. In order to further the administration of justice, the Wisconsin Association for Justice works with lobbyists in Wisconsin’s legislative bodies to preserve the state’s civil judicial system. The WAJ also provides a number of resources, including videos and brochures, for Wisconsin residents on its website about various civil litigation topics.

Contact the Wisconsin Association for Justice:

44 East Mifflin Street, Suite 402
Madison, WI 53703

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