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Wisconsin Defense Counsel

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The Wisconsin Defense Counsel (WDC) is a bar association for lawyers in Wisconsin that work in the legal practice area of civil defense. Membership is open to all attorneys that spend the majority of their careers engaged as defense lawyers in civil litigation and to law firms that are substantially involved in civil defense. Additionally, membership to the Wisconsin Defense Counsel includes a free one-year membership to the Defense Research Institute.

Attorneys frequently join the WDC to enjoy the many benefits that come along with membership. In order to ensure that its members’ interests are represented in new legislation, the Wisconsin Defense Counsel employs lobbyists to advocate on behalf of defense lawyers in Wisconsin in the state legislative body.

Members of the WDC are able to increase their legal knowledge by attending continuing legal education programs that the Wisconsin Defense Counsel puts together each year and by accessing educational material from these programs that the WDC makes available on its website.

Contact the Wisconsin Defense Counsel:

6737 W. Washington St., Suite 1300
Milwaukee, WI 53214

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