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Formed in 1915, the Mountain State Bar Association (MSBA) is one of the oldest minority bar associations in the nation. The association exists to benefit the African American attorneys of West Virginia. While the majority of members are licensed attorneys, the Mountain State Bar Association also permits non-lawyers to join.

Lawyers regularly seek membership to MSBA in order to take advantage of its membership perks. For example, the Mountain State Bar Association frequently hosts social gatherings and awards banquets that offer members opportunities to network. Members of MSBA can obtain continuing legal education credits at the educational seminars that the Mountain State Bar Association puts on each year.

Dedicated to supporting the general public, the Mountain State Bar Association offers a number of number of educational and community-based services, including scholarship awards for underprivileged minority law students in West Virginia. The association regularly works with the West Virginia University College of Law to provide law students with a chance to talk with members of the legal community at various events.

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