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Initially formed as a voluntary bar association in 1915, the Wyoming State Bar (WSB) was made into the mandatory bar of the state in 1939 by the Wyoming state legislature. In its role as the statewide mandatory bar association, the WSB dedicated itself to both regulating the practice of law in the state and benefiting Wyoming’s entire legal community. Since the Wyoming State Bar is Wyoming’s mandatory bar, all lawyers licensed to practice in Wyoming are required to hold membership with the WSB.

The Wyoming State Bar strives to ensure that its members stay connected to each other and to the greater legal community of Wyoming. Each year, the Wyoming State Bar hosts an annual meeting, at which members are able to network with one another during social events that are a part of the meeting. Lawyers belonging to the WSB can keep informed of the latest news in the Wyoming legal community by reading the Wyoming Lawyer magazine, which the WSB publishes for its members every other month.

There are several ways that the WSB furthers the professional lives of its members. For busy Wyoming lawyers, the Wyoming State Bar conveniently offers online continuing education courses. Members of the WSB that need space for meetings, depositions, and other such events are permitted to use the conference rooms in the Wyoming State Bar’s office.

Aside from aiding Wyoming lawyers, the WSB also regulates the practice of law in the state. For those interested in becoming licensed to practice in Wyoming, the Wyoming State Bar provides a substantial amount of information on its website regarding admittance requirements. The WSB is responsible for reviewing complaints made against Wyoming lawyers. When necessary, the WSB initiates disciplinary action against attorneys who are found to have violated rules of professional conduct.

In addition to governing and benefiting the legal community of the state, the Wyoming State Bar is committed to providing general legal support to the residents of the state. For example, members of the WSB are encouraged to provide free legal assistance to low-income residents through its Emeritus Program. The Wyoming State Bar also educates the residents of the state about various important legal topics through the Legally Speaking video series that airs during the Today in Wyoming television show.

Contact the Wyoming State Bar:

4124 Laramie Street
Cheyenne, WY 82003

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