Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association

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Established in 1980, the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association (WTLA) exists to benefit the Wyoming attorneys involved on the plaintiffs side of civil litigation. The WTLA’s goals are to promote a high standard of professionalism among its members, further the education of its members in the area of civil litigation, and protect the public’s access to the judicial system. Although the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association is predominantly concerned with the civil litigation attorneys of Wyoming, paralegals working in Wyoming and law students currently attending the University of Wyoming College of Law are also permitted to join.

The WTLA offers a variety of resources to its members. Twice per year, the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association compiles summaries of significant court opinions, important settlements, and other pertinent litigation news for its members in The Coffee-House publication. Lawyers belonging to the WTLA can obtain advice and answers to their professional and legal questions by consulting with all of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association’s members.

Lawyers frequently join the WTLA for the excellent programming available to members. The Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association hosts an annual conference in order to bring all of its members together on one place to allow them to network and socialize with one another. Members of the WTLA seeking to expand their knowledge on a particular area of law can do so by attending one of the many different continuing legal education classes that the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association regularly makes available live and online.

There are a variety of ways in which the WTLA provides aid to the residents of Wyoming. Residents of Wyoming who wish to learn more about legal areas impacting their daily lives can acquire relevant information at the People’s Law School educational events. The WTLA also regularly participates in various charity events, such as donating bicycle helmets to children in order to encourage safety.

Contact the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association:

2111 Warren Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82001

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